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Outstanding Opportunities

At Aylesford Primary School we believe passionately about providing a rich programme of opportunities that gives our pupils diverse and exciting experiences that enable them to be well rounded individuals, enthused about the world they live in.

We want to develop the cultural capital of our pupils and in their time at Aylesford the pupils will visit art galleries, national theatres, museums etc. as well as having the opportunity to get involved in theatre workshops, music workshops in school. Authors regularly visit the school to share their work as well as to inspire the children to become writers themselves.

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities through our PE curriculum as well as through the wide range of clubs that we offer, to develop the pupils’ individual and team skills as well as a love of competitive sports and games. As part of our opportunities programme we participate in a wide range of sporting competitions and are proud of our school’s sporting achievements.

The school has a school council and this is an opportunity for pupils to develop good communication skills and the ability to put a point of view across and to influence others.

In Year 6 we expect our pupils to be good role models and to develop as young leaders by taking on leadership roles around the school by becoming prefects and sports leaders, as well as peer mediators.

Most importantly we want our pupils to have a wealth of opportunities and to enjoy their education.