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Posters have sprung up all around school, following the year 2 classes reading Traction Man


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Would you like to join our friendly team? We are currently looking for a Caretaker to work at our fantastic school - you can find all the details here:


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In our POP Safari session yesterday with Years 7 and 8 they created some fantastic images of ‘inspirational word’ collages.


Year 3 loved their first ukulele lesson this morning.


We are really excited to have booked the amazing Panto to visit the school on 6th December


If you would like to book a visit to view the school for September 2022 entry - please click on the link below. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


If your child is starting their school journey in Sept 2022 - check out our introduction video. We would love to welcome you to one of our open mornings.


If you enjoyed the video and would like to book a tour on Invicta's Open Morning - Click on the link below


This is a video made by Invicta Grammar School, part of the VIAT trust. Students and teachers have said what it is like to be part of the school.


Reading workshop today with Mr Harrington focusing on how we teach reading. If you were unable to attend the workshop, please ask the school office for materials to help support questioning your child when reading at home


So excited to have 100% of families connected on ClassDojo! Well done Pine Class. We use and to communicate with our Parents. Contact the office or your class teacher if you need the link resending


Scholarship information evening at Valley Park School on 12th October - please click on the link below for further information


Please use the link below to book the open morning at Invicta Grammar School


Welcome to Aylesford Airways. Year 1 during their Geography Learning Launch.


Headteacher Award for Harvey. He completed this amazing piece of topic homework on the Mayans. Well done and we are looking forward to sharing many more


Year 4 Science launch creating a model of the digestive system. The children enjoyed themselves and learnt lots of new scientific vocabulary too!


Summer fair - this Saturday. All are welcome we would love to see you


On Wednesday 15th September 2021, Mr Harrington will be leading the first of many parent workshops, which are aimed to support the link between home and school. This important workshop will focus on Reading and more specifically the school’s approach to teaching Reading skills.


We are very proud of our Year 6 pupils who today will be sitting the Kent Test. We have every confidence in their performance and are proud of their resilience, perseverance and aspiration! Good luck Elder and Maple class 😀


Let’s join ‘Aylesford Airways’ we are looking forward to seeing the planes and airport related items


With the warm weather it is vital to stay hydrated , so don’t forget your water bottle. This can be refilled throughout the school day


‘Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten...’ Our reading curriculum has started. The journey through each book captures the learning and the progress that will be made through each text.


Hola! Our first Spanish lesson kicked off today in style in Year 3. Señorita Goldsmith made learning a new language so fun! We look forward to learning more Spanish throughout the year! KS2 are really looking forward to this new part of our curriculum offer 🇪🇸


Welcome to our new pupils and families who are joining our VIPS Aylesford community today. You'll have a wonderful day at our fantastic school!


Our Open Morning tours are for prospective parents, who have children due to start school in September 2022. For more information and to book your place, please visit:


Reminder - pre ordering for lunch shuts at midnight Saturday for the following week. Please register your child and lunch options. If you need help please come to the office on Monday.


Exciting learning launch: Year 3 created their own versions of the Iron Man. It was a fantastic introduction to this amazing story. Afterwards, the children commented that it was fun, creative and active!


We hope they have had a lovely day?


Please take care when crossing the road and listen to our school crossing patrol officer


We are looking forward to welcoming back Year 1 - Year 6 tomorrow from 8.30am. Year R start Monday 6th at 9.00am


We would love to see how many of our families can complete this years' Summer Reading Challenge. You can get involved by clicking this link: WILBAR would love to complete this challenge with you too!


Ash class - Art. Influenced by Picasso, Year 5 have created their own self-portraits in the style of cubism. Can you recognise any of our pupils?


Year 6’s production practice is in full swing



We believe in providing a broad, balanced, knowledge rich curriculum that ensures an inclusive approach and where pupils develop the skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence. Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to develop as independent, confident and successful learners with high aspirations.

‘Having a wider knowledge will help me get a better job in life’ Cayden, Y2

As a school we pride ourselves on being part of our local community, so we want our pupils to become educated citizens and appreciate their part in securing a safe and happy sense of community; locally, nationally and globally.

‘We are very involved with our local community. Elderly people volunteer their time to listen to us read and our choir goes and sings with them. It's fun hearing their feedback and seeing their smiles.’ Gus, Y5

Our curriculum will develop children’s problem solving skills along with their resilience. They are encouraged to embrace their mistakes learning from them, thus creating memorable learning experiences.

‘I enjoy learning in school and making friends. Being taught new things is fun and even if I get it wrong, I know I can have another go. It makes me feel like I can do it all.’ Joseph, Y3


Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that our pupils can achieve depth of thinking and learning. Across each year group, a number of high quality, age appropriate core texts are used to bring topics to life for our children and to promote a connection with their learning. Through our knowledge, understanding and skills we aim to develop our children’s ability to reflect, evaluate and apply their learning.

The knowledge, understanding and skills are reflected through the objectives identified in each curriculum area. There is an equality of subjects taught to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and consists of learning that really matters to the pupils.

Central to developing the pupils’ learning is a focus on vocabulary and this ensures understanding, enabling our pupils to express themselves and write with confidence.

‘New words make me giggly’ Sarah, Y4

Sequences of lessons are carefully crafted around an authentic outcome which allows children to become agents of change. These outcomes are evaluated by a ‘critical audience’; these are either a specialist in the field that the children are learning about, or an opportunity to celebrate learning on a platform linked to their topic. These learning opportunities allow children the opportunity to develop 21st century skills such as research, collaboration, innovation, presentation, evaluation and reflection.

‘We have a close relationship with our local Royal British Legion. I enjoy our community outreach working alongside the ex-service people. It’s purposeful and makes them feel valued and less lonely.’ Alfie, Y6.

The learning journeys are active, engaging and inspiring leading to a deeper understanding of the topics and curriculum areas. The authentic outcomes drive motivation, determination and commitment within our children.

Our curriculum ensures that we develop well rounded citizens with a clear understanding of values such as compassion, responsibility and friendship. Our new curriculum addresses negative stereotyping through investigating similarities and differences, and promoting acceptance, diversity, citizenship and human rights.


Through authentic outcomes, pupils are given the opportunity to demonstrate the progress the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

‘We designed and made Pudding Lane. Then a fireman set it on fire. It was sad and made me think how the Great Fire of London people felt.’ Jemima, Y1

The pupils’ books will clearly demonstrate the progress they have made and the knowledge they have gained. We ensure that our children’s attainment and progress are in line, or exceeding, their potential.

Children will be able to talk clearly and knowledgeably about their learning and make clear links between pieces of learning across the curriculum.

Pupils will continue to make good progress and attain well at the end of each Key Stage.

Pupils with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes and acquire knowledge and skills for life. Adapted learning resources ensure that they can fully engage with learning intention.

Pupils are able to use what they have learned and can show that they remember what they have learned in a variety of ways.

Pupils who do not have age appropriate reading fluency, number or writing skills will be heavily supported to narrow or eradicate gaps in their learning.

We use regular and robust triangulated monitoring to gauge the impact of our curriculum design. Leaders at all levels review learning, talk with our children and provide feedback to move practice forward.

Pupils transition confidently to secondary school as they will be self-reliant, know how to organise their learning and manage their time, how to research, evaluate and identify the next steps in their learning journey. Through leadership roles, pupils will develop a sense of personal responsibility.

'The workshop challenges are really fun because you are learning while having fun. You learn lots about teamwork and achievement’ Sam, Y5



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For further information on the curriculum followed by all year groups please contact the Headteacher. Or you may access details of the full national curriculum HERE.

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