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Twitter Wall



After receiving an amazing letter from Hazel Class have been designing their own dragons.


On Wednesday, we had a very creative afternoon designing our very own dots. We developed our artistic skills, persevered and felt proud of the final outcomes.


KS2 enjoying the sun, new chalk boards and sports equipment at lunch time!


On Monday, we held our ‘Cultural Fair’ to celebrate different countries and cultures. The fair was a huge success and the children learnt lots about the different countries including languages spoken there and traditions followed. Thank you so much to everyone who helped!


Key Stage 2 had a wonderful morning being entertained by a Music Roadshow from . This children were very inspired and will hopefully now go on to learn to play an instrument. Thank you for coming to see us.


Elm Class have been on a tree hunt to find some deciduous and evergreen trees. Can find any trees at home?


Reading for pleasure in our wonderful library. What a lovely end to the week in Sycamore Class!


Year 6 had a great morning with Dr Crouch from Invicta, learning about colour reactions, acids and alkalis for our Science Week.


Year 6 loved their trip to see ‘The Lion King’. Thank you to the PTA for this fabulous experience.


were having a great day here in Aylesford!! Top effort!! 🎖


‘A Day with a Difference’ was an absolutely wonderful way to begin Term 6, in Elm Class! We worked really hard on developing our skills in sports and really enjoyed the teamwork element, showing what great sports men and women we are.


Year 6 had a great day enjoying a variety of sporting activities on offer for our Trust-wide event, ‘Day for a Difference’.


Thank you for helping Year 2 find the korfball stars of the future!


What a way to start Monday morning! Year 2 absolutely loved learning fitness skills with .


A great start to the VIAT Sports festival here at Aylesford. Year 4 loved playing Korfball! Thank you to for giving our children the opportunity to try a new sport.


Year 4 had an amazing trip at today. It was inspiring to see the work being done. Thank you for showing us around, we all loved it.


Elder class made their very own ‘steady hand buzzer game’ in science today. What a great way to learn about electricity!


Yew Class welcomed parents into school yesterday to complete their Ancient Egyptian canopic jars. The finished results are incredible, and the children are all very proud of their creations!


Year 1 had a magnificent time at their Parent Showcase this morning. Thank you so much for coming - it was lovely to see so much enjoyment while learning!


We have really enjoyed hearing each others’ stories. We were really inspired by this terms story, ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes.


We have been growing beans and sunflowers in Year 1 this term. I wonder how tall they will grow now they have gone home with the children?


Only 2 days left to get your votes in for ...


Congratulations to the Year 5 boys who participated in the Oakwood Park Grammar School football tournament. Despite the weather, we all had an amazing time and the boys should be super proud of reaching the quarter finals. Well done!


Elder class had a very exciting science lesson making a burglar alarm.


Elm Class have had a wonderful time making their final outcome for Earth Art. “I am having the best time ever” said one child in the class.



We believe in providing a broad, balanced, knowledge rich curriculum that ensures an inclusive approach and where pupils develop the skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence. Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to develop as independent, confident and successful learners with high aspirations.

As a school we pride ourselves on being part of our local community, so we want our pupils to become educated citizens and appreciate their part in securing a safe and happy sense of community; locally, nationally and globally.

Our curriculum will develop children’s problem solving skills along with their resilience. They are encouraged to embrace their mistakes learning from them, thus creating memorable learning experiences.


Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that our pupils can achieve depth of thinking and learning. Across each year group, a number of high quality, age appropriate core texts are used to bring topics to life for our children and to promote a connection with their learning. Through our knowledge, understanding and skills we aim to develop our children’s ability to reflect, evaluate and apply their learning.

The knowledge, understanding and skills are reflected through the objectives identified in each curriculum area. There is an equality of subjects taught to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and consists of learning that really matters to the pupils.

Central to developing the pupils’ learning is a focus on vocabulary and this ensures understanding, enabling our pupils to express themselves and write with confidence.

Sequences of lessons are carefully crafted around an authentic outcome which allows children to become agents of change. These outcomes are evaluated by a ‘critical audience’; these are either a specialist in the field that the children are learning about, or an opportunity to celebrate learning on a platform linked to their topic. These learning opportunities allow children the opportunity to develop 21st century skills such as research, collaboration, innovation, presentation, evaluation and reflection.

The learning journeys are active, engaging and inspiring leading to a deeper understanding of the topics and curriculum areas. The authentic outcomes drive motivation, determination and commitment within our children.

Our curriculum ensures that we develop well rounded citizens with a clear understanding of values such as compassion, responsibility and friendship. Our new curriculum addresses negative stereotyping through investigating similarities and differences, and promoting acceptance, diversity, citizenship and human rights.


Through authentic outcomes, pupils are given the opportunity to demonstrate the progress the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

The pupils’ books will clearly demonstrate the progress they have made and the knowledge they have gained. We ensure that our children’s attainment and progress are in line, or exceeding, their potential.

Children will be able to talk clearly and knowledgeably about their learning and make clear links between pieces of learning across the curriculum.

Pupils will continue to make good progress and attain well at the end of each Key Stage.

Pupils with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes and acquire knowledge and skills for life. Adapted learning resources ensure that they can fully engage with learning intention.

Pupils are able to use what they have learned and can show that they remember what they have learned in a variety of ways.

Pupils who do not have age appropriate reading fluency, number or writing skills will be heavily supported to narrow or eradicate gaps in their learning.

We use regular and robust triangulated monitoring to gauge the impact of our curriculum design. Leaders at all levels review learning, talk with our children and provide feedback to move practice forward.

Pupils transition confidently to secondary school as they will be self-reliant, know how to organise their learning and manage their time, how to research, evaluate and identify the next steps in their learning journey. Through leadership roles, pupils will develop a sense of personal responsibility.


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Year 6 Curriculum

For further information on the curriculum followed by all year groups please contact the Headteacher. Or you may access details of the full national curriculum HERE.