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Outstanding Education

At Aylesford we are proud of our achievements and that academically each year we grow from strength to strength and our results reflect this.


At Aylesford we set high expectations for our pupils and expect them to set high expectations for themselves. We want every pupil to excel, to achieve success.


We are passionate about reading, and reading is at the heart of our English curriculum. We believe success in reading leads to success not only in writing but across the curriculum. We want our pupils to read with enjoyment, to develop a real love of reading and to be confident, independent writers.


Using the principles of a Singapore teaching approach to maths we want to create a life-long understanding of mathematics and for our pupils to become efficient mathematicians who are able to tackle real life problems logically and with perseverance.

Science provides the foundations for understanding the world around us. Through building key knowledge and concepts, pupils will develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. Through our teaching of Science pupils will be able to: reason, predict, think logically, work systematically and communicate scientifically.

We beliefve in an enriched curriculum, that is broad and balanced that provides pupils with a wide range of experiences and ignites in them a lifelong zest for learning and a sense of wonder about the world.


Language and culture are deeply interconnected and we want our pupils to have an understanding and respect for other cultures as well as to develop an ear for and a love of learning languages. Therefore whilst at Aylesford Primary School our pupils will learn, French, Spanish, Japanese and German from native speakers as well as Latin.


At Aylesford we want to develop the talents of all pupils within an inclusive environment, which encourages them to aspire to greater heights, working to the very best of their ability.